As the Wags on Willow weather forecaster and co- owner of our prize winning grooming salon I predict there is more snow, cold, mud and mess in your dog’s future.

How does this little Pug know?  I remember last winter.  So here are some suggestions from a dog who has seen it all.

Your dog walks barepawed in the snow, slush and salt while you wear comfy shoes and warm boots. The salt burns our little foot pads. The ice and snow sticks in our toes and our feet get really cold. The Wags solution: dog booties called—naturally—Pawz They’ll protect your cuddly companion on winter walks.

We also have Mushers Secret, a nontoxic way that protects paws in the winter.  I sometimes dream I’m the first Pug to pull a sled in the Iditarod with wax on my paws. And Mary is running behind yelling “mush, mush you Pug.”

Then I wake up.

Oh, and when the snow melts and the walk is slushy, muddy and icky, your dog will need a bath. Wags On Willow specializes in baths.  We even have an exclusive walk-in tub for senior and physically challenged dogs. I thawed I would mention that.

Oh and one more thing, look out for puddles of poisonous antifreeze on driveways and along the curbs. We want to keep our customers safe and healthy.

Things Cats Want to Know

Wags on Willow, the award winning pet salon isn’t just about dogs even if it is co-owned by me, Ernie the Pug. I like cats too. One of my colleagues is Lewis the cat. You may have seen him sitting in the grooming room supervising our groomers.

In honor of Lewis and National Answer your Cat’s Question Day (Jan. 22) I asked him for some of the questions cats are always talking about. Here is his list of the top 10:

  • Where do they hide the catnip?
  • Why do they leave the door open when they are in the bathroom but hide my “cat litter box” in a closet?
  • Why can’t they sleep without rolling over on me?
  • Why are they scared of mice I bring in to play with?
  • Why aren’t they always here at MY dinner time? We have schedules too you know.
  • I’m so cute, why do they bother watching cat videos on their phones?
  • Why don’t the humans I live with purr?
  • What can’t the squirrels outside the window come in the house?
  • Why can’t I walk across the dinning room table when they are having a dinner party?
  • Why can’t I have a live bird as a cat pet?


Ernie’s 2018 New Years Resolutions

I have a dog confession. This year I really plan to stick to my resolutions.  Honest Mary.

I’m going to patiently wait by the door to go outside.

I’m not going to pull on walks—unless I see another dog, cat or a squirrel.

I’m going to remember that I sniffed the corner fire hydrant yesterday.

I’ll just wait patiently for food to fall on the floor when you and Joe eat dinner.

I’m going to be off the sofa before you come home.

And I’m going to celebrate all 14 of my birthdays this year. (Remember it is just another year for people but seven for dogs and two for cats.)

And I’m going to make it another Happy Award Winning New Year for Wags on Willow and our prize-winning groomers.

Announcing New Treats for Special Occasions!


 Pawty Cake, Pawty Cake baker man, bake me a Pawty Cake as fast as you can!

There is nothing this little Pug likes more than a pawty!  Actually a Birthday Pawty! (I sometimes talk that way even though I’m not Boston Terrier.)

But every dog birthday pawty I’ve been to was missing one important treat—a cake.
No more. My Wags on Willow business partner Mary has solved that. 
She has joined with CubbieCakes to offer gourmet Canine Cakes, cakes that dogs can actually eat along with all their doggie friends at their doggie birthday parties!

This is a Wags on Willow Northshore Exclusive!!!

Bark, bark, yelp, howl, bark. I’m so excited.  Hope I get invited to all the pawties.

Each Canine Cake is made from dog friendly ingredients like banana oat cake and carrot, garbanzo bean flour cake and a yogurt based wheat flour, oats and blueberry cake.
I can’t stand it. My mouth is watering and my tongue is hanging out.
And I haven’t even mentioned the cakes topped with yogurt cream cheese and a crush Milk-Bone drizzle or the whipped peanut butter frosting on some.
Mary, you have outdone yourself.  Cakes that look like Princess Leia’s side buns (I love watching Star Wars movies) or one that even has a piped pig snout garnish.
Give your dog a Birthday Pawty they won’t forget, or just a party because she is a good dog or he is coming home form a Wags on Willow bath and groom. We are taking advance orders now.
Oh, and invite me, Ernie the Wags on Willow Pug.  I’m usually available after I finish work at the grooming salon.
On second thought, if it is a pawty with a scrumptious CubbieCake Canine Cake, I’m always available.

Happy Dogs in Politics Day

Did you know Saturday September 23 is National Dogs in Politics Day?
Now I’m not a political Pug.  I don’t care if you lift your right let or your left leg.  But I do like days that celebrate dogs.
My business partner Mary celebrates by giving me a treat from the Wags on Willow gourmet Chew Bar.  (Hope you read this Mary.)
Dogs in politics day was started in honor of former President Nixon’s dog Checkers. He got it as a present when he was Vice President.
Did you know that virtually every president had a dog beginning with George Washington? They had other pets too, weird ones. Thomas Jefferson had two bear cubs. John Quincy Adams had an alligator.  Who knew? Theodore Roosevelt had a garter snake he called Emily Spinach. There were hamsters in the White House when John F. Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson lived there.  Both Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter had Siamese cats. 
With all those animals giving presidents advice, you’d think they’d pay more attention to us. Well, maybe not to advice from reptiles or hamsters.

Happy National Check Your Chip Day!

This is my friend enjoying his ‘chips’.

When my business partner at Wags on Willow told me I was going to “get a chip” I thought “Oh Boy, another treat from Mary.”

“But why are we going to the veterinarian to get a treat?” I asked my canine self.

“You’ll like this chip,” Mary said. “Because with it you will never be lost.”

That sounded great because if I got lost or dognapped who would give me treats? And I would be so sad if I was ever separated from Mary. I’d worry who would help her run the business.

And that is a good reason to celebrate National Check the Chip Day on August 15—or any day. Microchips are security for dogs. They are like invisible electronic leashes that keep us attached to our owners.

Right after treats I love technology.

If you are not certain your pet has one of these identity tags implanted ask your veterinarian to check. He can also tell you if the records are up-to-date.

Veterinarians, pet shelters, some dog pounds automatically look for the chip and the information it yields when they meet a new furry four-ped.

And if you love your dog and haven’t yet had your favorite pet chipped, ask your veterinarian.

Ernie Defines Dog Days

Being a curious Pug I wondered about the “Dog Days” of summer.

Is it a national holiday?
Are there parties? Dog dances? Dog parades? Special Dog sales?
Will I get extra treats?
My Wags on Willow business partner Mary chased after the answer like it was a tennis ball or a frisbee. She was dogged. (Please excuse the Pug pun. Sometimes I’m pugnacious and other times I’m punnacious.)
Mary said ancient Greeks invented Dog Days because they are usually the hottest days of summer when dogs get lazy. 
We dogs think of it as chilling out.
Dog days correspond to the appearance of the astronomical (a big word for a dog) constellation Canis Major which looked like a dog to the ancients with the star Sirius as its nose.
This year the constellation comes into view between July 22 and August 23. Those are official dog days.
But bipeds call any summer hot spell dog days.
That’s fine with me as long as I get treats.


Exciting news from Wags on Willow!

Wags on Willow has done it again named as the Best Grooming Salon on the North Shore for the fourth consecutive year by readers of the popular magazine and website.
And the yelp website has just given us the 2017 “People Love us on Yelp” award.
This Pug is jumping for joy. If I could  jump higher I’d high-five my business partner Mary and our fantastic team of pet owning and pet loving groomers. They are the best! 
That makes seven awards since 2014 including two from readers of the 22nd Century group of community newspapers on the North Shore. 
There is a reason why Wags on Willow just keeps winning: We are really, really good and dogs and cats love us.
Celebrate with us. Look for our ad in the current issue of, cut it out and bring it for bargains on grooming, pet food and treats.  
Oh, and don’t forget me Ernie the Wags On Willow Pug.  I love treats.

Ernie’s Father’s Day salute

A big Ernie tail wag for dads.

It is their special day this month (June 18 Mary says) and I salute them for all they do.

They step in to feed the family four paws when others are too busy.

They take us on walks after dark when stinky skunks lurk in the bushes.


They pick up after us and they sometimes even hide our “mistakes” from mom. Sometimes they “accidentally” drop popcorn on the floor when they are watching movies or sneak a little food under the dinner table.

Just so you know in case you are invited for dinner, I like bacon.

They drive us to the doctor because nobody else wants to watch us get our shots or when we are really sick in the middle of the night.

And if we get lost (usually because they moved the house when we were sniffing around the neighborhood) they stay out all night calling our name until they find us.

Hooray for dads!

Happy two-legged Father’s Day.


I’m celebrating cats this month.


Image of Lewis courtesy of Framed Write Media.
Yep, this precocious Pug is singing praises of pussy cats because June is filled with special cat celebrations—at least that is what my business partner Mary says. June is Adopt a Cat Month and June 4 is Hug Your Cat Day but if you can’t find a cat you can hug me. And June 22 is Take Your Cat to Work Day. That should be an adventure.
One of my favorite cats is Lewis who works with me at Wags on Willow.  He is a special breed, a Maine Coon—one of the biggest and furriest and sweetest domesticated cats—and helps me greet customers. We get to play sometimes. He can really wrestle.
I sometimes wish I was a cat so I could jump on Mary’s desk or her dresser or the kitchen counter where she keeps my treats. A little Pug can dream.
Did you know there are at least 48 different feline breeds? And that doesn’t even include “cool cats” or “fat cats” or “alley cats.” And what’s this thing with “cats’ pajamas?” Do cats wear pajamas when they take cat naps?