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Your four-legged pal needs a day at the spa, for a shampoo, cut, fluff and brush. You'll be impressed by our award-winning service and he'll love the thank you treats.

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Welcome to Ernie's Blog

Co-owner, Ernie the Pug offers up regular doses of tips, tricks, meaningful advice and the occasional debauchery. He types really well for having paws.

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Birthday Time?

Pawty Cake, Pawty Cake baker man, bake me a Pawty Cake as fast as you can! Wags now carries gourmet canine cakes - ready in just 72 hours.

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Welcome to Wags on Willow

Wags On Willow is a dog and cat grooming salon and retail pet boutique offering only the finest food selections, grooming experiences and toys to keep your companions healthy and happy. Founded by Mary Bowler and her beloved Pug, Sushi, her mission is to deliver only premier items for all of your pet’s needs.

At Wags On Willow, we offer more than what meets the eye. Just like every human, every animal needs a day at the spa! Bring your furry friend in for a day of pampering and allow them a little taste of luxury.

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I love Mother’s Day. It’s the day when I can make Mary, my business partner at our grooming salon Wags on Willow feel really special. There are so many ways I could do that if only I wasn’t a short Pug. If I could reach the stove I’d make her breakfast. If I could carry a tray I’d bring breakfast to her in bed. If she gave me the keys to the car I’d take her out to brunch and let her sit on my lap on the way. I’d bring her some flowers from the park except signs say dogs are not allowed in the flower beds. I’d bring her some treats if only I could reach the cupboard where she keeps my rawhide and biscuit goodies.. Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to behave myself, stay off the furniture, not bark at passing dogs and not pull on my leash. That will make it a perfect Happy Mother’s Day.

Wags on Willow has installed a pit stop. What a relief! On your next grooming visit look for the sign on the East side of the parking lot in front of the grooming salon and give your dogs a break before arriving for their day at the spa. You’ll find a grassy area, and poop bags to clean up behind your pet. Sorry no toilet paper.

Tick illnesses are in the news for our pets and for campers. No worries. Wags On Willow checks for ticks with every groom & carries a supply of DIY tick keys 🔑 ($7.25) for in between visits. Call 847-272-2918 for deTAILS

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Call us at 847-272-2918 or email us at info@wagsonwillow.com.