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Your four-legged pal needs a day at the spa, for a shampoo, cut, fluff and brush. You'll be impressed by our award-winning service and he'll love the thank you treats.

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Welcome to Ernie's Blog

Co-owner, Ernie the Pug offers up regular doses of tips, tricks, meaningful advice and the occasional debauchery. He types really well for having paws.

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The Votes are in and . . .

We've been honored again! Five times in six years. Thank you to our great customers (and their pets too!). Our win is your win and we look forward to celebrating with you.

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Welcome to Wags on Willow

Wags On Willow is a dog and cat grooming salon and retail pet boutique offering only the finest food selections, grooming experiences and toys to keep your companions healthy and happy. Founded by Mary Bowler and her beloved Pug, Sushi, her mission is to deliver only premier items for all of your pet’s needs.

At Wags On Willow, we offer more than what meets the eye. Just like every human, every animal needs a day at the spa! Bring your furry friend in for a day of pampering and allow them a little taste of luxury.

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Do you want engage your child in caring for the family pet? Have them join us next Tuesday! Registration is required, and space is limited. Call Wags on Willow to sign up! 847-272-2918

The big day is coming for all you lucky dogs. It’s time for annual Take Your Dog to Work celebrations! June 20 - 24 is the annual Take Your Dog to Work week and June 23 is Take Your Dog to Work Day. So dog-to-dog, be prepared to make some sacrifices when you go to work with your two legged best friend. I know because I go to work every day. After all, I’ve got to run the Wags on Willow grooming salon and boutique. My partner Mary helps me sometimes. Here are tips for you dogs going to work for the first time. While at work with your two legged friend you can’t drink out of the toilet. And there is no bed to sleep on. So that’s out. And no sofa or easy chair either. Think of curling up under the desk for a little privacy. Fire hydrants and grassy areas are likely to be farther away. And you may be on a short leash. On the plus side expect extra treats to keep you on your best behavior. You may get to show off your tricks like sitting and laying down even rolling over. And the people your two legged friend works with are likely to adore you, pet you, tell you how cute you are. So get ready to be fawned over. Enjoy the moment. It’s not every day you get to go to work. Hey it won’t be so bad after all. Editor’s note: Post a picture of your dog with you at work during June 20 - 24 and tag @wagsatwork and we’ll select one winner for a complimentary groom.

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