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Your four-legged pal needs a day at the spa, for a shampoo, cut, fluff and brush. You'll be impressed by our award-winning service and he'll love the thank you treats.

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Welcome to Ernie's Blog

Co-owner, Ernie the Pug offers up regular doses of tips, tricks, meaningful advice and the occasional debauchery. He types really well for having paws.

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Birthday Time?

Pawty Cake, Pawty Cake baker man, bake me a Pawty Cake as fast as you can! Wags now carries gourmet canine cakes - ready in just 72 hours.

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Welcome to Wags on Willow

Wags On Willow is a dog and cat grooming salon and retail pet boutique offering only the finest food selections, grooming experiences and toys to keep your companions healthy and happy. Founded by Mary Bowler and her beloved Pug, Sushi, her mission is to deliver only premier items for all of your pet’s needs.

At Wags On Willow, we offer more than what meets the eye. Just like every human, every animal needs a day at the spa! Bring your furry friend in for a day of pampering and allow them a little taste of luxury.

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A St. Patrick’s Day message from Ernie! : It’s St. Patrick's Day and this little Pug is green with envy. Those Irish Wolfhounds and Irish Setters can actually see what is on the dinner table and I can only smell the food. Did you know that there are actually nine or 10 native Irish dog breeds--and none of them are green although there are the Irish Red and White Setters and the Kerry Blue and the black and white Border Collie and the Water Spaniel who are, naturally, rusty colored even if they don't spend all their time in the water. And all the other breeds too: The Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier, Gordon Setter, Kerry Beagle, Irish Water Spaniel and the unusually named Glen of Imaal Terrier, who is very cute but not green, Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Tucker & everyone at Wags! 🍀💚☘️ • • • #stpatricksday #wagsonwillow #doodlesofinstagram #doodle #chicago #dogsofinstagram #dogsofchicago

We’re getting into the St. Patty’s Day spirit over here at Wags! Lookin’ good Georgie! • • • #wagsonwillow #wheatenterrier #wheatensofinstagram #stpatricksday #dogsofchicago #dogsofnorthfield #chicago #northshore

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